We’re BlueWave Technology. Our commitment is to power the security and loss prevention industries with real-time results and exceptional outcomes using cutting-edge technology and seamless mobile app experiences. Our industry-leading SafeScopeTM technology works with mobile devices, surveillance, and forensic video systems and enables our retailers and security provider clients to provide their local communities with the safety and protection they need.

Until now, the sharing of security incidents and/or critical offender information has been challenging, incohesive, and clunky — to say the least. Now, major retailers, law enforcement, and private security firms can implement our software to share as little or as much information about offenders and incidents with just a few clicks. We enhance security measures, reduce lag-time, and make keeping people safe easier.



Wolf Creek Security (WCS) is a security agency located in Tulsa, OK, owned and operated by a retired local police chief. They offer on-site and patrol security services to their customers throughout Oklahoma with their team of experienced security professionals. WCS maintains a staff of around ten full-time security officers who primarily protect hotel properties, multi-family residential communities, and HOA secured access communities.

Wolf Creek Security distinguishes itself from other security companies through the use of innovative technology, such as the Safe Scope app, which results in streamlined processes for the security officers, and improved quality of service for clients.

Andrea Brunson, Wolf Creek Security