Utilizing next generation technology to help our communities become a safer place.

Safescope's platform leverages artificial intelligence and human oversight to help retailers prevent theft, fraud, and violence in their stores.

Introducing SafeScope!

Our commitment at BlueWave Technology to empower our communities with technology that helps us become as safe as possible

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More Results. Better Outcomes.

Capture the face of trespassers and violators on the properties of your clients.
Real-time analytics and matching at the rate of 1.1M images per second.
Complete incident log of every subject's history, making escalated legal actions much easier.

Data is stored on enterprise database servers with military-level encryption located in the US.

Get fast and accurate results from your boots on the ground and for your clients.
Fuel your sales and revenue by providing next generation security services.


More Results. Better Outcomes.

Automatically embed recordings into mugshots, making proof-of-action and future access a snap.
Integrate with compatible existing eye-in-the-sky camera systems.
Integrate any third party or existing data base of mugshots.
Fully - integrated 'No-trespass' script and audio recording feature.
Built with AI and deep learning technology.
Built-in search feature.


Our industry-leading SafeScopeTM technology works with mobile devices, surveillance, and forensic video systems and enables our retailers and security provider clients to provide their local communities with the safety and protection they need.


Local crime increase

Rising number of retail offenders

Complicated prosecution process

Slow response times


90% local property crime reduction

95% reduction in repeat offenders

88% reduction in property crimes & shoplifting incidents


To aid hoteliers and law enforcement in bringing justice to human traffickers while connecting the survivors with critical services and support, significantly reduce property crimes and provide actionable insights for multi-family living communities.

Are you ready for
the revolution?

Because of the way our engineers designed SafeScopeTM, it rapidly creates word of mouth in the inner circles of criminal enterprises. Within just a few weeks.

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